Design Materials


Resource Cards

A site where you can find a collection of curated free resources and inspirations such as links to typefaces, icons, and tips/tricks for prototyping. It's a growing list of free resources aimed to help creatives with their next project. 


Color Hunt

Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily. This is where I got most of my color combinations and hex #’s. You can also search for popular/random ones, pretty cool to see millions of combinations.



Simply the best resource site to get your GUI’s, device .psd mock-ups, and interface builders.


Google Material Design

Article created by Google, highly recommend reading this for INFO 330! It will introduce you all the knacks and processes that happens behind the scenes. Seriously, its like the grand book for design.



The name might sound weird but it's a great site to explore different logos and icons. Sort of a magazine for designers~



Adobe Portfolio

What can I say, it’s like SquareSpace but created by Adobe Studios so if you have the Creative Cloud then it’s freeee~


Adobe Experience Design

Still in Beta but I’ve been using it for months. Definitely has a learning curve but it’s amazing for prototyping! Very similar to Sketch and InVision but once again, if you have Creative Cloud then it’s free and you’ll get the future updates.



Made by the infamous Tobias Van Schneider, or as I call him the extraordinary mustache/beard Deutscher. He designed the interface for Spotify so pretty credible. It does costs money and time to make the website using the Semplice guide but you can do amazing stuff with their tools!


Noun Project

The title says it all, “Icons for everything!”